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2016 - Celebrate the 61st Anniversary of the Hoyt Lakes Water Carnival July 21st-24th!!

  57st Anniversary Hoyt Lakes Water Carnival


Thank You to everyone for making the 2015 Water Carnival a success! Especially our volunteers, we couldn't do this without you. Time to start planning for 2016. See you next year!

Construction on the homes in Hoyt Lakes began in 1954 and the residents of Hoyt Lakes decided to have a City Picnic.  The Picnic would give the residents of the community the opportunity to meet their neighbors and co-workers of Erie Mining Company.  This became an Annual Event and grew to become the Hoyt Lakes Water Carnival.

 In the year of 2006, the Hoyt Lakes Water Carnival Committee re-organized as a new team.  The previous Water Carnival Committee Members retired after several years and after the big 50th Anniversary Celebration.  The responsibilities of the Committee were taken over by 9 new Committee Members.  The Committee Members were actually interviewed by the previous Committee Members and were chosen carefully based on their various areas of expertise.

2015 HLWCC

The following is a very brief history of the City of Hoyt Lakes and the City Picnic/Carnival:

The City of Hoyt Lakes was incorporated in 1955 and that Fall the residents got together at the beach, now know as Colby Beach, for a City Picnic.  Every year since then there has been some type of get together.  The picnics at one point added a softball tournament, carnival rides, as well as local food booths.  Later the Hoyt Lakes Boat Club was formed and they put on a great water ski show with the local talented water skiers.

 The event was originally organized by local residents and then the event was sponsored by the Jaycees, the  Hoyt Lakes Business Association, the Hoyt Lakes Chamber of Commerce, the Hoyt Lakes Fire Department,  and finally a Hoyt Lakes Water Carnival Committee, Inc. was formed and took over the event.

 The Committee would like to pay tribute to all of the volunteers of the past years were worked endless hours for the community and for the annual celebration of this community's birth. Again, we are asking for volunteers who will help with this year's event

Please contact any Committee Member or give us a call at 218-225-2654 or email us


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