Turtle Races

2018 Turtle Race winners

On the right ,The Grand Winner was Hanna Hawkings with a time of 33.43 sec

On the Right , The Grand loser was Kaylee Korpela with a time of17.82 secs


2019 Turtle Races Rules

  • Turtle/Trainer registration will begin at 12 pm Friday and the race starts at 1:00 pm sharp
  • No snapping turtles, only painted turtles can race
  • All turtles will be brought back to their natural habitat.  If you wish you may give your turtle to Ryan Butzke (the man in charge in the middle of the circle) when you are done racing and he’ll return them safe and sound.
  • Free Mr. Freezes for all the trainers to cool off.
  • Prize and trophy for the Grand Winner and the Grand Loser with your names and times on the turtle sign hanging at the city hall parking lot
  • Any questions call Ryan Butzke at 218-780-6282
See you there and Have Fun!!!!

Event Location